Saturday, June 26, 2010

farmer's market finds and recent stitchings!

I love going to the farmer's market! Every Saturday, vendors fill the Square in downtown Fayetteville with their wares. I go to get a bouquet of flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables (whatever's in season, really), people-watch and occasionally sketch what I see! Here's some photos from my last few trips!
flowers, blueberries, and raspberries!one of the farmers, selling cucumbers and onions!a band called 'cletus got shot!' unfortunately, i didn't get to finish my sketch before they finished their set (poor mandolin player...). the bassist on the right had a base that looked to be made of an oil drum...and look at this! my order from Sublime Stitching arrived in the mail a short while ago! I got a mini tool case and a pair of wicked step-scissors!
i am so in love with this! it's adorable, and so functional!

I emailed Sublime Stitching soon after I got my package (complete with sweet thank-you notes inside!) to thank Jenny Hart and her crew for being so fabulous and providing such an excellent product and patterns, and she emailed me back! I am so impressed, not just with the items and patterns she offers for sale, but with the way she treats her customers, I can't wait to order more from them!Here it is, folks: my first embroidery project! It's a little personal note from me to Chris that I sent home with him last time he went back to Mountain Home before he'll be moving back to Fayetteville for good this July. I had so much fun embroidering this piece, and I think Chris was really touched by it. I've already got plans for other projects I want to do!And these fingerless mittens I finished a while ago, but needed a button embellishment to be considered 'officially' complete!I used the Welted Fingerless Gloves pattern by Kit Hutchin for Churchmouse Patterns and Teas, and Manos del Uruguay silk blend. (for more details see my ravelry). They were so quick (I finished both in one shift at Hand Held), and you can substitute hundreds of different types of yarn to make them! They're a great stash buster as well (one skein of silk blend makes three gloves), and I had about 2/3 a skein of silk blend from the Flora Hat left, so it worked out perfectly! Also, I think I'm going to cross fingerless gloves off my list of summer-to-do (from one of our first posts), even if they're not the ones I had in mind (I have decided to completely discontinue making the Queen of Diamonds gloves, there's just too many errors in that pattern).
one last thing! sorry i missed etsy faves Friday, but check out this Union Jack Hoody from charlieandsarah. I decided to post it this as my one fave this week because I've decided to throw my support behind Great Britain this World Cup! Final 16 begins today!

Cheers, mate!

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