Thursday, September 22, 2011

survey time!

i like reading other people's surveys, and g-zoom found a good one for us to do! i've been thinking about my answers for a while, so here it goes!

A. Age: 21
B. Bed size: full, there's no way a queen would fit in my apartment
C. Chore that you hate: doing the dishes :P
D. Dogs: are awesome, i miss having one around! i've got two kitties, and live in a townhouse/apartment-type thing, so it looks like we'll have to wait til we get a place with a yard
E. Essential start to your day: fruit/greek yogurt/honey/granola parfait or a big cereal :)
F. Favorite color: rusty orange, deep purple, all greens, all blues, sunny yellow, and deep red... so basically every color.
G. Gold or Silver: always silver
H. Height: 5' 6"
I. Instruments you play: to varying degrees of success: cello, guitar, piano. i wish i had a ukelele to experiment with
J. Job title: um.... knitterly explorer
K. Kids: no thank you.
L. Live: fayetteville, ar; a beautiful little town to hang around in
M. Makeup essential: sometimes a little eye-liner when i want to get dressed up
N. Nicknames: rita, also :)
O. Overnight hospital stays: not so far as i know...
P. Pet peeves: uugh, let's not get into this right now
Q. Quote from a movie: 'LET SLIP THE HOGS OF WAR!' 'dogs of war, you idiot.' 'whatever barnyard animal of war!!' archer, futurama, parks and rec, pushing daisies, how i met your mother, and community, and then we can communicate effectively.
R. Right or left handed: write rightly, drive leftly. but yeah, i guess i'd be officially 'righty'
S. Siblings: 1 amazing and fantastic sister!
U. Underwear: yes. lacy or boyshorts.
V. Vegetable you hate: ocra...mushrooms...are pickles a vegetable?
W. What makes you run late: usually my own petard...
X. X-Rays you’ve had: just for dentistry. had an ultrasound once when i was having a lot of stomach pain (that eventually went away on it's own), does that count?
Y. Yummy food that you make: oo, i've started experimenting with c's and my stomachs! i've made balsamic chicken ravioli, cheese quesedillas, chicken and veggie fajitas (peppers, onions, marinated in italian dressing), pear and brown sugar pie
Z. Zoo animal: lions, elephants, octopods, owls, foxes, oooo and i fed a giraffe when we went to springfield!

also, this knitting meme floated around google+ for a while, and i never answered it, so here goes!
1) My favorite things to knit: hats and socks, though i've gotten hooked on sweaters
2) My least favorite thing about knitting: um...i don't have an infinite yarn budget, or 3 extra hours in the day to knit
3) My first finished object: you'd really have to ask mum about that. but since i picked it up again a yearish ago, the first thing i did was to make a bear hat!
4) If I could take only one yarn brand to my desert island: aaah, don't make me choose! um...koigu! or manos... no wait! spund and chloe... but louet... amy butler...?
5) My current knitting obsession: well i've got two sweater on the needles right now... i'm just addicted in general!
6) My best FO: i wear my jayne hat all the time! it's so cozy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A to Z

I think these prompt and answers can be fun, and I haven't posted on here in a long time. What do you say Stitch, want to fill one out too?
A. Age: 25
B. Bed size: full
C. Chore that you hate: cleaning the kitchen and bathroom
D. Dogs: love them, want one
E. Essential start to your day: i wake up to music, ignore a couple of alarms, and then read email/facebook/google reader to ease into my day
F. Favorite color: orange and blue
G. Gold or Silver: gold in the summer, silver in the winter, rose gold anytime :)
H. Height: 5' 7" and a half (it counts)
I. Instruments you play: the radio... haha, used to play the clarinet in high school 
J. Job title: paralegal
K. Kids: not now, hopefully someday
L. Live: charlotte, north carolina
M. Makeup essential: mascara and a little powder
N. Nicknames: rita
O. Overnight hospital stays: none that i can remember
P. Pet peeves: oh man, i kinda have a lot. mostly they have to do with communicating with others. and bad drivers
Q. Quote from a movie: i have a bad memory on movie/ tv show quotes unless im watching them
R. Right or left handed: lefty, for the win
S. Siblings: 1 fabulous sister
U. Underwear: baggy, i need some new ones
V. Vegetable you hate: i like a majority of vegetables, but i mostly like veggies when they are cooked versus raw. but i will never eat a brussel sprout
W. What makes you run late: i don't like being woken up, this includes by alarm, and when i do finally wake up, i dawdle. also my hair takes forever to dry by blowdryer when i have to
X. X-Rays you’ve had: in 5th grade when i broke my wrist and my back when i was having nerve problems... i can't think of any others besides teeth
Y. Yummy food that you make: i love cooking! my favorite things to make are fajitas and chocolate chip cookies
Z. Zoo animal: giraffes and elephants, hands down.

 dude, where is T?!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

PHOTO-DUMP (or, an apology for failing at photo challenges)

flying to and from Augusta, GA
clouds that look like a map of the world

a rainy-day fair in tontitown

a fancy new haircut!made an adventerous, unexpected hat (pattern by cassy dominick!)finally took a picture of these sparkling sockscelebrated an anniversaryclimbed a mountain to catch a day of class celebratory beer (killians irish red, at sideways)

oo, and you can follow me on instagram at kkpwnall!

and yes, i do like blurry pictures.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 9: Faceless Self Portrait & Day 10: Something I made

i've spent this last weekend upcycling my favorite pair of jeans! they had this big ugly hole in the upper thigh that i couldn't fix.i've spent the past few years looking for a jean skirt that i really like. i wanted one that reached my knees, and had a little flair to it! because it seems like recently, all the styles have been hyper mini, reaching the floor, or skin tight! not for me, no thanks. so here's what i ended up with! i measured it against a favorite skirt of mine, added 2" for hemming, ripped open all the seams, and sewed the bottom of the legs into the gussets i opened up. and ta da!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

my day 6 and day 7

from yesterday: little izz playing with toys (childhood memory)

and today: watching a television show on my computer while sorting old photographs (technology- which still boggles my mind most days)

are you participating the photo challenge? link us up!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Combo! Day 5: Someone You Love & Day 6: Childhood Memory

my bad on the late update!
the someone i love is always supportive of my creativity, academia, and general way of being. and he's never afraid to be silly with me. like eat cupcakes with hello kitty rings on them, then wear the rings all day. as pinky rings. i've never been happier than with my dearest C.and as for childhood memories, i've seen friendship bracelets around the interwebs a lot in the past few months, so i figured i'd try my hand at it too! i haven't made one of these since i was really little. i picked up colors of floss that match yarn colorways i'm particularly obsessed with. this is just the first of the batch!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 5: someone you love

all the people i love live far away (wah!) so this is a picture i took a couple weeks ago of someone i love very much!

also, i wish i had those sunglasses too because the orange ones you just cant wear everywhere without getting stared at...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4: Favorite Color

i can never pick just one favorite color, so i decided to go with today's favorite color.

cold beer and new yarn :)

G's day 4

so i was all like ok cool we're starting day one yesterday, and apparently K was all like it's the 3rd of august, i start with day 3 today, and then when I discovered that I was all like oh..yeah... that makes sense...facepalm.... so I have some pictures to share now :)

day one /two (false start): self portrait/what i wore

day four: favorite color

these were taken with my phone so not great quality nor very artsy, but i'm cooped up at work all day, so i am hoping to get more creative with the next days to come!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh So Lovely 30 Day Photo Challenge

G recently link'd me to this blog, and the exciting photo challenge she's come up with!

Never mind that i'm starting on day three, but here we go!

Day 3: Clouds
at sunset in fayetteville.

a new stitching hobby!

i was given this absolutely lovely sewing machine for my birthday this month! it's a singer stylist 7258, and i completely adore it!

i've got big plans for this machine! and i've already made a bag using this tutorial from //between the lines//.
i've got such a long list of things i want to make now! it's an every growing list, and i can't wait to dive even further in to a new fiber addiction :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

what i've made in the past month!

i've been knitting up a storm the past month!

i've made two pairs of mittens (the moulin rouge still need thumbs), here's a pair of 'faux isle' mitts, from Bekah Knits. i made a little monster out of noro kureyon, using this rebecca danger pattern, and snapped a picture of him 'in the wild.'i worked up a shop sample of this churchmouse pattern using a skein of louet eurofax.we've got a lot of single skeins left over after the success of cynthia parker's fitted tank class. oh, and the surprising popularity of this little ditty i made up using this cocoknits pattern.
i blogged about it on the Hand Held Knitting Blog, and basically rambled on and on about how much i adore this pattern and garment!

but honestly, i want to wear it all day, every day. it makes me feel so pretty! (even if i look super awkward in the pictures...)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

something geek-tastic...

so, there's this show i like, maybe you watch it too:first season was better, but second season had some truly shining gems. such as:

and as you know, i love all things geeky! so i couldn't resist making this for my honey!

don't tell anyone, but i'm much more partial to the wars than the trek. actually, tell everyone. obi-wan could take picard any day! there, i said it! come at me!

*cough* anyway... just wanted to share with the world! (maybe soon i'll make one for the paintball episodes! how could you not love abed as han...:D )

tickle me bender!

during all those fabulous snow days where i was a captive of my own apartment, i made a plush softy toy, something i've been wanting to try for quite a while!

so here he is, in all his glory:
made of fleece, dmc embroidery floss, stuffing, and cardboard!

and, for even more geek fablosity, he loves my jayne hat too :)may the geek be with you! fangirls unite!

*dramatic entrance*

with doves...

anyway, hello blogland! it has been even longer than usual... i got swallowed up by the snow, and then by the abyss known as undergraduate education. but now i make a dramatic comeback into the summertime!

and here's what i've done since i last posted (with ravelry links):

i finished those thigh highs! (by which i mean, they're bound off, now i have ends to weave in...and i don't have a more current picture...)

and i made a fantastic vest!americano pattern using rowan lima

and hats,fooofoo beret in fresco (with a jack-cat)

sideways grande cloche in sandstone for zoom's birthday too!

cable brim slouch hat in kumara (with a dinosaur buttion!!!)

an early morning beret in donegal tweed (with a needle-felted octopus!)

including one of my own design! (check back soon for the pattern!)
entitled TBL, out of blue sky sprotweight

oh, and this ear-warmer thingy!made out of manos, also for zoom's birthday. and i definitely need to make one for myself for this winter!

and i made a big wrap/shawl/scarf for the trip to syria that was called off on account of revolution.sunshine wrap in amy butler dk, modeled and blocked by my fantastic mother!

Happy summer blogland! sorry i've been absent for so long!

Friday, February 4, 2011

more snow! and some fun links!

my internet has been spotty the past few days from all the snow we've gotten in fayetteville, but i've managed to grab some here and there to put this post together!

i've been using my phone to browse the internet, and Gayle just shared this link to Rachel Denbow's blog with me! doesn't this look like so much fun!? maybe it'll help me get over my fear of sewing machines, and i'll be able to make some super cute stuff from it!
and as you can probably tell, i've been itching to pick up my embroidery again! maybe i'll have something fun to post soon ;)

and speaking of something to post soon.... i'm working on a tutorial for casting on two-at-a-time top-down socks! a cast on that's perfect for something like this:
that's right, blogland, these are toe-less and heel-less socks (and as soon as i try out top-down two-at-a-time socks with a cuff, i'll post about that too)! because, why would you make socks this gorgeously long just one at a time, on double points?

ravelry link, from this fantastic pattern book

and scout's honor, this tutorial is coming soon!

also, has anyone tried out this site? it kinda seems like a more general ravelry, but i can't quite get the hang of how it works. do any of you use this? do you like it?

i'm so enjoying all this extra crafting/knitting/gaming time, it's truly wonderful. just like winter break part 2!

stay safe out there, blogland, it's a dangerous world.