Sunday, June 19, 2011

something geek-tastic...

so, there's this show i like, maybe you watch it too:first season was better, but second season had some truly shining gems. such as:

and as you know, i love all things geeky! so i couldn't resist making this for my honey!

don't tell anyone, but i'm much more partial to the wars than the trek. actually, tell everyone. obi-wan could take picard any day! there, i said it! come at me!

*cough* anyway... just wanted to share with the world! (maybe soon i'll make one for the paintball episodes! how could you not love abed as han...:D )

tickle me bender!

during all those fabulous snow days where i was a captive of my own apartment, i made a plush softy toy, something i've been wanting to try for quite a while!

so here he is, in all his glory:
made of fleece, dmc embroidery floss, stuffing, and cardboard!

and, for even more geek fablosity, he loves my jayne hat too :)may the geek be with you! fangirls unite!

*dramatic entrance*

with doves...

anyway, hello blogland! it has been even longer than usual... i got swallowed up by the snow, and then by the abyss known as undergraduate education. but now i make a dramatic comeback into the summertime!

and here's what i've done since i last posted (with ravelry links):

i finished those thigh highs! (by which i mean, they're bound off, now i have ends to weave in...and i don't have a more current picture...)

and i made a fantastic vest!americano pattern using rowan lima

and hats,fooofoo beret in fresco (with a jack-cat)

sideways grande cloche in sandstone for zoom's birthday too!

cable brim slouch hat in kumara (with a dinosaur buttion!!!)

an early morning beret in donegal tweed (with a needle-felted octopus!)

including one of my own design! (check back soon for the pattern!)
entitled TBL, out of blue sky sprotweight

oh, and this ear-warmer thingy!made out of manos, also for zoom's birthday. and i definitely need to make one for myself for this winter!

and i made a big wrap/shawl/scarf for the trip to syria that was called off on account of revolution.sunshine wrap in amy butler dk, modeled and blocked by my fantastic mother!

Happy summer blogland! sorry i've been absent for so long!