Wednesday, June 9, 2010

big hopes, big goals

Like Karen shared before, I am here to share my summer crafty goals! It is almost the middle of June so I am happy to report that I have already gotten started or finished some of them! But here they are in no particular order!

* Week in the Life scrapbook
* Hilton Head scrapbook (from a trip in May 2009)
* Beer-fest mini book (from an event May 2009)
* Faulty Hearts Art Journal class (by Rachel Denbow) *
* Spray ink focused class (by Vee Jennings) *
* Kelly Purkey Sketchbook Class
* a mini book to build on based on my love of Jcrew and their catalog
* Alphabet Inspiration - based on an old, old post on Jamaica's blog
* A quilt for Karen
* A quilt from my old college tshirts for me
* Jessica Sprague photo editing class
* Take Donna Downey class locally- she's opening her studio in my town and offering classes- I'm so lucky and excited that she lives in the same town as me!!

** These classes were offered in the past and I was part of them then but never finished all the project or what have you.

Yeah and there are like a billion other ideas and inspiration from others rolling around in my head. So we will see what the summer brings! But hopefully I can make it through at least the things that I've listed here!

What are your summer goals?

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