Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why this Blog?

I am super excited for K and I to have this blog. For me this blog will keep me accountable for my projects that I want to do. So often I find inspiring things, awesome projects, layouts I want to scraplift, or online classes I want to take. I feel like I spend so much time looking at crafty things and not enough time creating them. It is my hope that through this blog my actions will shift to more creating and sharing! I have made a list of goals for the summer of projects to complete and have asked K to do the same. We can see how far we've come by the end of the summer!

My main goal besides completing projects is to not buy any scrapbooking supplies (except adhesive) and to use up my stash! I worked at a big scrapbook store in college and collected A LOT of supplies. I would buy pretty things rather than things for a specific project. Here are some pictures at the start of this adventure, and I'll talk pictures again at the end of summer!

That's 6 inches of PAPER! YIKES!

Projects sorted and waiting for the magic to happen!

All my stickers- labels, borders, alphabets, randoms.

Ribbons! Not all of the ribbon I have is in this container because some was out on my table for potential use!

So there you have it. K and I will be back with out summer goals. What are yours? Let the crafting begin!

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