Thursday, September 6, 2012

a bag of bicycles

about this time last summer, i started this bag. i really wanted to make a bag with this crazy awesome bicycle fabric fabric, and i was really attracted to the pattern because it looks a lot like my favorite purse. (my honey kindly pointed out that i haven't been actively working on it for over a year, it's just been in progress for over a year).

i placed an order with purl soho, i gathered supplies from my local joann's, and i spent some quality time with my sewing machine. so much so that it started to smoke. kidding, but i was pretty much attached to it for a few days.

and then i ran into a problem. i needed some rectangle metal sliders for the purse strap, to make it adjustable. i couldn't find them anywhere locally, but managed to find some online. carries them in a variety of sizes, for a great price, with free shipping! score!

i fell in love with this bicycle fabric, and still really love it now. last summer, if you remember, i was repairing and reconstructing a rescued bicycle (which also finally got finished this year, since my honey 'stole' it and put a chain on it).

the only major problem i had is that the strap didn't come out long enough as per the instructions. so, i cut an extra 20", and attached it to the longer part of the overall strap. and i guess my biggest complaint would the that the pockets are kinda shallow.

overall, i'm really happy with the pattern, it's fairly easy, for my 3rd sewing project! it was a great learning experience for how to do pleats and use fusible interfacing. now if only i could finish the dress that i've been working on for the same amount of time!

pattern: simplicity 2205, B
main fabric: birch fabrics avalon girl cruiser
contrast fabric: cotton, blue feathers, from joann's sale rack