Thursday, July 22, 2010

finished projects and thursday night knits!

oh blogland, i have been absent for so long! class, work, and life in general has gotten to be very hectic, though i've stolen a few moments right now to post for you!

yesterday was quite a day for finishing up projects! it put me on cloud nine!

first up is izzy's giraffe! this is a susan b. anderson pattern from itty bitty toys, and my goodness, was this a quick and easy knit! i hope izzy likes it, i can't wait to give it to her in a few weeks.
i used berocco comfort, and only just had enough of the orange; hooray for not having to break into another skein!

next, it was the 21st birthday of two of my great friends over the past few weeks, and as they are big futurama buffs like myself, when i saw this on feeling stitchy, i just had to try it for myself! and when i saw this fill stitch technique on jenny hart's sublime stitching blog, i knew i could use that style and get it finished for Alyssa's birthday yesterday when chris and i gave them their presents!
close up! sorry it's blurry...and upside down...

also for their birthday, a play on the 300 quote. it just came to me one day after a long day at work. man that final game was a mess (11 yellow cards!!)...HOORAY ESPANA! of the final four, i'm glad you got your first cup (though a germany/spain game would have been least spain shut down the netherlands, with all their dirty tactics)

and speaking of things that inspire me: thursday night knits are always so fantastic, the women that come in the shop are great people, so creative, and come up with the most beautiful ideas! i love working at my lys, i can imagine little better for me right now.

(pictures from July 15)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot, Hot July

Holy Wow! How did it get to be July?!?! I am almost sad that it's July because I have only managed to finish ONE of my craft goals :( I am disappointed in myself. But there are still many more days of summer to go and I vow to make one project a week from here on out. Yes, I am ambitious!

A little update as to how we are doing: I celebrated my 24th birthday a couple of weeks ago and Stitch will celebrate her 20th birthday in a few weeks! We are also very excited because we get to see each other at the end of July! I know today that Stitch picked out some adorable yarn for an adorable giraffe to knit for our adorable second cousin. I have lots of projects in the works, of course, just need to woman up and finish a few! :)

Be back later this week with more fun and I leave you now with a pretty quilt from Red Pepper Quilts