Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Goals!

Hallo blogland! How are you, loves? Sorry I've been an absintee blogger for so long, luckily I've got my rita to watch my back. I got wrapped up in starting a new class (a History of Russia since 1861), getting lots of hours at the yarn shop, and spending a few days with my boyfriend while he was in town (he won't be back again for weeks).

Enough about my personal life, here's some crafty-life things! Gayle and I decided it'd be a good idea for us to make a list of goals for this summer. For me, it's all of the things I've had to put off thanks to dorm living, full-time class schedule, and a general lack of funds (still a bit of a problem with buying summer class textbooks and stocking a full kitchen). So here goes nothing.

Finish this sweater (my first!)
finish these fingerless gloves (i've ripped them back and almost ripped my hair out over the pattern... might be time to use a different yarn, one that i really like)
sew the clasps on my duvet cover
learn to play bach's prelude to cello suite #1 (my favorite piece of classical music)
make a pinhole camera out of this old kodak 6-16 brownie i found at an antique store in Hot Springs
do one doodle/drawing a day for the summer (not going well so far...the start date keeps getting pushed back...)
learn/get better at embroidery (i seriously can't wait to start this one!)

what are your summer goals?


oh, p.s! here are some things i've been working on recently, knitting-wise! check out my ravelry!

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