Saturday, September 3, 2011

PHOTO-DUMP (or, an apology for failing at photo challenges)

flying to and from Augusta, GA
clouds that look like a map of the world

a rainy-day fair in tontitown

a fancy new haircut!made an adventerous, unexpected hat (pattern by cassy dominick!)finally took a picture of these sparkling sockscelebrated an anniversaryclimbed a mountain to catch a day of class celebratory beer (killians irish red, at sideways)

oo, and you can follow me on instagram at kkpwnall!

and yes, i do like blurry pictures.


  1. LOVE the haircut, lady! You and Chris also look absolutely adorable. Congrats on the anniversary! That sunrise sounds like it was fabulous.

  2. it was an amazing hike! half of it happened in the dark, so it was a really trippy experience. and thanks! i love my new haircut too! also thanks for the congrats, it's been a wonderful two years!

  3. Love the hair, the uber adorable (as usual) couple pic, afterschool beer, and the gorgeous hike photo. I say it was a photo challenge well done.

  4. thanks lady! i just couldn't follow with all the prompts, and remembering to take a picture every day, and remembering to post it every day. but i do love collecting pictures and memories, and sharing them :)