Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a new stitching hobby!

i was given this absolutely lovely sewing machine for my birthday this month! it's a singer stylist 7258, and i completely adore it!

i've got big plans for this machine! and i've already made a bag using this tutorial from //between the lines//.
i've got such a long list of things i want to make now! it's an every growing list, and i can't wait to dive even further in to a new fiber addiction :)


  1. thanks lady! i've found more tutorials, and am on a bit of a bag making kick now too!

  2. can you link me e few nice tutorials ( my friend just started sewing and she might want some too)

    is it Linnen? love the lining.

  3. the exterior is linen, the interior is cotton.

    this tutorial came from //between the lines// (

    there's this one that's upcycled from a pair of cargo pants from noodlehead (

    i've also found this wallet-to-tote tutorial from sew, mama, sew (

    those are the ones that i'm looking at doing next, but a general google search for messenger bags will bring up a ton of other great stuff!

    thanks for reading,