Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 9: Faceless Self Portrait & Day 10: Something I made

i've spent this last weekend upcycling my favorite pair of jeans! they had this big ugly hole in the upper thigh that i couldn't fix.i've spent the past few years looking for a jean skirt that i really like. i wanted one that reached my knees, and had a little flair to it! because it seems like recently, all the styles have been hyper mini, reaching the floor, or skin tight! not for me, no thanks. so here's what i ended up with! i measured it against a favorite skirt of mine, added 2" for hemming, ripped open all the seams, and sewed the bottom of the legs into the gussets i opened up. and ta da!


  1. Cutie skirt! Also love the shirt you wore with it.

  2. thanks yoli! haha, the first shirt is my argentina jersey, and the second one is my paul revere and giant robots shirt.