Sunday, July 31, 2011

what i've made in the past month!

i've been knitting up a storm the past month!

i've made two pairs of mittens (the moulin rouge still need thumbs), here's a pair of 'faux isle' mitts, from Bekah Knits. i made a little monster out of noro kureyon, using this rebecca danger pattern, and snapped a picture of him 'in the wild.'i worked up a shop sample of this churchmouse pattern using a skein of louet eurofax.we've got a lot of single skeins left over after the success of cynthia parker's fitted tank class. oh, and the surprising popularity of this little ditty i made up using this cocoknits pattern.
i blogged about it on the Hand Held Knitting Blog, and basically rambled on and on about how much i adore this pattern and garment!

but honestly, i want to wear it all day, every day. it makes me feel so pretty! (even if i look super awkward in the pictures...)


  1. Knitting rockstar! You caused a linen and Liesl sensation at the store. I'm finally casting on for that this week. I also LOVE your little monster. I want to knit up a bunch of toys for my boring office at the lib.

  2. haha, thanks lady! i can't believe what a wonderful trend has sprung up around liesl! and i'm kind of on a serious linen kick right now; the summer sweater in soft linen, a tank top i'm doing in sparrow linen.

    knitting toys is so much fun! they go so fast, and why shouldn't us adults have toys too? i think your office absolutely needs some good knitted toys!