Saturday, August 28, 2010

These are a few of my favorite yarns...

Not too long ago, i got my hands on some Koigu KPPM and Amy Butler Belle Organic. and man, let me tell you blogland, these yarns are pretty freaking awesome. I highly recommend them!
now let me show you what i've done with them (well, one of them...)
I just finished a pair of Churchmouse's Koigu Turkish Bed Socks. these were a super quick knit and oh so much fun! I'm not gonna lie, blogland, i've never made socks before in my life. but after doing these, i can't wait to try my hand at more traditional socks (and make more of these!)
one of the reasons i made these socks was to wear under my new TOMS when it gets cold here in Fayetteville. (also, to review TOMS, my vote is awesome: i've worn canvas shoes for years, but these ones have really excellent soles!)i ended up modifying the pattern a bit after the first one, making the foot longer by six rows. i've been living with two different-sized feet for a while now, so it's nice to be able to adjust things accordingly! i decided to add a little embellishment and embroider an L and an R on the bottom of the corresponding sock.and then i went to the park across the street from my apartment and had myself a little photo-shoot before the sun went down!and i was joined by this pretty little guy! isn't he beautiful?the Amy Butler i'm using for a secret squirrel project (no telling, ravelers!) and to recreate a hat that zoom and i have been tossing around for years.

happy saturday, blogland!

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  1. Nice photo shoot. I'm so jealous that it's practically your front yard! Those are the perfect socks for Toms, and as for the "traditional socks"...we'll get to those tonight!