Friday, August 20, 2010

A Treatise on Shipbuilding and Navigation

oh dear blogland, i am so ridiculously proud and excited to present to you, my submission to the Sublime Stitching Combo Contest!
(photo uploaded to Sublime Stitching Gallery, click for bigger)

i used 12 different colors of DMC cotton floss, 4 Sublime Stitching patterns, six different stitches, and a bit of ingenuity to make this piece look like an old book, the kind you find in libraries where all the books seem like they're rotting away and haven't been opened in ages but have the most beautiful illustrations of old maps, the kind with sea monsters. i find those books and maps so inspiring, and when the idea popped into my head, i just couldn't resist.

and here's where it all began. this is my original concept sketch, doodled during class. it's evolved quite a bit since then, but i love looking back at how i originally envisioned it all coming together. the title of the post was found during a random google search, looking for something about shipbuilding (originally written by Mungo Murray, Shipwright in his Majesty's Yard, Deptford, in the year 1742)my friend and coworker Cassy Dominick took some truly fantastic pictures of the completed piece. this is my favorite of the ones she took (even though i used one that was flat on the table so it looked more like a book).

i really can't believe this is only my third embroidery piece! i've decided that one wall of my apartment will become my embroidery showcase wall (though right now, this is the only piece up since the other two pieces i gave as gifts). i'm already scheming a new piece...

adios blogland, happy crafting.

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  1. This looks really cool. Good luck in the contest! M