Sunday, August 8, 2010

etsy faves....saturday?

zoom and i were talking earlier today about how long it's been since either of us have posted! last time i posted was my birthday and chris and i were on our way to conway. the following weekend, zoom and i caught up with our dad's side of the family at a reunion in austin, texas.
from my side of our crafty duo, i've begun my christmas knitting projects (eep! already?!), started on the last little bit of my first sweater (only 5 inches of rib to go!), and decided i'm going to enter the Combo Contest on Sublime Stitching! at first i was skeptical (i stitch for fun, for my own enjoyment/relaxation/creativity, and for people who will truly enjoy it). but then, of course, inspiration struck, and i just couldn't resist! i've saved my original concept sketch, so we'll do a little before and after post once it's all finished. deadline's august 20th!

also, i've got some new etsy faves! i could go on and on about how much i love etsy as the handmade forum it is, but i'm sure you'd rather see the pretty things!

it is still summer here in northern arkansas, but my hopes are high that fall is soon on the way! wouldn't this be a fantastic back to class dress? check out more handmade clothes at THIMBLEandACORN!this penny farthing bike tote would look fantastic wandering around the farmer's market! there's plenty more screen-printed totes and shirts at the Bold Banana!
during finals, i took study-breaks to read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. if you haven't picked it up yet, definitely do, not only is it scarily historically accurate, it adds badass vampires (no sparklies here!) and takes another look at abe lincoln as a man, not just our beloved 16th president. Seth Grame-Smith is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. so i couldn't resist when i saw these intense Abe Lincoln screen-printed ties! pretty fancy stuff! you can check out more of Mr. Phipps wonderful screen-printing a ScatterbrainTies.
my boyfriend, chris, has taught me to have a good appreciation for the beauty of knives, antique, international, and all others. when i found this Scrimshaw Pocket Knife with the glorious sailing ship set in india ink on it. lindalayden's shop has many other great articles in it!
and finally, this pin. because a) i love pins, and b) i do understand. daedalus' and icarus' story is one of my favorite of the ancient greeks, and i really like the portrayal of the story beanforest has created. there are a bunch of other great buttons on his page too!

i'm heading off to work more on my combo piece! stitch out!

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