Thursday, August 9, 2012

my whimsical notions: distractions

this week, i've decided to do a series of posts on some of my favorite things: materials, techniques, tricks, and a few other things! this is basically a place for me to write about things i haven't found a place for.

 like most people, i prefer to do other things while i knit. here are just a few:

Doctor Who: while my honey was gone, i had a few days of marathoning doctor who, from the 10th doctor, all the films, and up through the 11th doctor (thank you, netflix!)! i've entered a new fandom! and found a bunch of whovian patterns i can't wait to make up! and these gorgeous colorways from nerd girl yarns aren't helping! this show is brilliant, hilarious, witty, poignant, and really appeals to my love of history, time-travel, and sci-fi!

Cartoons: when i'm working on crochet, or a difficult lace pattern, i don't want to sit in silence, but i want some noise. i usually put on one of these cartoons that i know all the plots and lines to fill the void. archer, south park, futurama, simpsons, all are good!

newsroom: a fantastic, witty new show by aaron sorkin. i wish the news was really like this! the characters act like real people, not one of them is one-dimensional

via imdb
sherlock: this show from the bbc is amazing. i cannot recommend it enough! it's a modern take on sherlock holmes, where holmes works as a consulting detective and messes around in the basement of the hospital, and john watson is a veteran of the most recent afghanistan war. it combines some of the classic stories, lifting whole lines, and putting it in the 21st century. just 3 episodes per season, but they're over 80 minutes long, and benedict cumberbatch is brilliant as sherlock!

a year ago, i taught myself to read and knit at the same time. mostly it's simple knits, seed-stitch, garter, easy things, mindless knits. recently, i've been really into:
  • game of thrones by george r. r. martin: sci-fi/fantasy, of an alternate universe medieval england. a bit along the lines of j.r.r. tolkein in terms of length and descriptive mastery. i'm totally hooked! (i like the show a lot too, but got frustrated with season 2 as it strayed so much from the books! season 1 was perfect because it stayed with the book i already knew and loved!)
  • lauren willig's pink carnation series: historical fiction spy-novels set during the french revolution with (mostly) strong female protagonists. it also bounces to the present to follow the research one woman conducts, and the trouble she finds herself in while attempting to revel the identity of the pink carnation. pretty fluffy, but addictive!
  • the night circus by erin morgenstern: magicians! love! magic! circuses! it's so hard to describe, but so so good! i almost read this book again immediately after i finished it!
it's easiest to read and knit when i download books on my kindle, so i don't have to worry about propping the book up, weighing it down, or physically turning the page. plus, i think i read faster on the kindle.

the bugle: john oliver and andy zaltzman are brilliant. think the daily show, but make it british, and weekly. they are hilarious, and frequently make me laugh out loud. keep an eye out for the American, and references to jet skis.

stuff you missed in history class: this podcast from is always informative, even if i consider myself fairly well versed in the subject. the narrators are engaging and knowledgable, and usually have good book recommendations too, to follow up on their subject.

i don't follow any knitting podcasts, does anyone have any favorites they could recommend?

i tend to go back to the same movies a lot, star wars, the princess bride, but having some new movie recommendations would be awesome too!

**i have not received money, sponsorship, yarn, or candy from any of these people/companies for featuring their products/techniques. this is my tribute to my favorite things, and is entirely my own opinion, communicated under no duress at my own volition.


  1. Matt and I love Newsroom. Addicted from the very first episode.