Wednesday, August 1, 2012

july wrap up!

i worked on a few things in july that didn't make it to the blog before august hit!

breaking news: i've ended by embargo on cables. last christmas, my honey's mother gave me a copy of costal knits by hannah fettig and alana dakos. she also gave me a significant contribution to my yarn fund, and i was able to get yarn for the rocky coast cardigan!

this swatch of rowan felted tweed aran is from a few weekends ago when i worked at the shop. as i finished the skipping stones cardi, i needed another little something to work on while i'm on the clock. after i swatched, i wound up using the whole first ball that shift! after that fingering weight on us3's, this worsted weight on us10.5's is flying by! i'm excited for this cardi, the cables are so lovely, the tweed is delightful (i love the little blue flecks!), and it'll be nice and snuggly if arkansas ever gets cold again.

i decided to follow executiveknitter's mods, as many people noted problems with the shoulder fit, and her project page had the most helpful notes. hannah fettig has since released a different solution to this shoulder problem, but executiveknitter's looked easier.

color 131
for my birthday, my boss gave me this gorgeous skein of ella rae lace merino! it looks like fire (and smells like cinnamon, no lie). and i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it!

the pattern is amy's scarf by amy van de laar. this double-sided lace pattern is straight-forward, even if i do have to watch it to stay on top of it all. this also temporarily ends my embargo on long scarves. and it's inspired by my new favorite fandom: doctor who! i'm going to do my best to finish it before class starts on the 20th. finger's crossed! i'm about 25% through it now. (since i haven't finished the skein, this project won't count towards july's mile)

i also started and finished two secret squirrel projects, one using 75% of a skein of koigu kppm, and one using 420 yards of berroco comfort (maybe..?). i'll post pictures later :)

looks like july finished with 1.4 miles! on to august!


  1. Those cables look delicious! I just want to squish your swatch, and/or your finished sweater. Probably both! :D

    And I love love love the color and pattern of your new scarf. So gorgeously vibrant! I am on a serious lace kick so I feel you. There's just something so beautiful and airy about it, plus, projects go a lot faster because a) more interesting and b) lace just takes up more space.

    1. hehe, they are delicious and so big and squishy! and it's going SO fast!!

      you're so right about lace! i kinda wish i did some more lace patterns. just not with lace yarn, because that drives me crazy. i'm loving this ella rae, even though it says it's lace, it's definitely bigger than that, i'd call it a fingering/sock weight. and the COLOR! can't wait to wear it this fall :)

  2. Super jealous of the Rocky Coast... I'm lusting. Can't wait to see it.

    1. i'm through the yoke now, it's coming along great!