Monday, August 20, 2012

little monsters

one of my favorite things to do whenever a friend has a baby is to make them a toy or two. i really prefer doing this over clothing, because a toy can never be the wrong size, and they aren't easily outgrown (i still have a box full of my favorite childhood toys in my closet). also, they don't take very much time or yarn.

my dear friend and coworker, cassy, just had a baby a few weeks ago. little zooey arrived before the baby shower, so i held on to these toys for a while until i could go and visit them.

'where the wild things are,' by maurice sendak, was one of my favorite books as a kid. so when i saw this carol/moishe toy by allison hoffman, i knew i had to make one! it was a little daunting for my third crochet project, and there was some frustration, but i kept on keeping on and i'm pretty proud how he turned out!

this little wild thing is made entirely out of berroco comfort. i held the darker grey double for the hair to achieve the bulky weight. and it kinda looked like weird candy corn when it started out...

rebecca danger is another great designer for toys, and her presley pattern is perfect for infants, with his one long arm to grab on to and carry around. i used koigu kppm for this one, and used almost all of the skein.

have i mentioned i love koigu?

these were the secret squirrel projects i mentioned in this post.

a few days ago, i visited cassy to knit and chat, just generally have some girl time. i also got to meet little zooey, and she is just as precious as all the pictures i've seen. i hope the little monster likes these little monsters :)


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these toys. Z will too as soon as she can play with them. I road tested the Presley toy with a 10 month old and he was enthusiastic with it, so I'm excited for Z to be able to play with them. These are both fantastic gifts that will be loved for years. You rock, Karen!

    1. i'm so glad you like them, and that they field tested well! thanks so much, cassy!