Friday, August 31, 2012

adios august

i meant to do individual posts for all these projects, but, well, time makes fools of us all. so here they are, all in one!

first off, i'm in love with my amy's scarf. and i adore this ella rae lace merino. it's so soft, bouncy, and comes in fantastic colors (this is color 131). i might be scheming other projects for it...

amy van de laar shared with the world this amazing free scarf pattern. this lace was pretty easy, if i paid attention, and kept me entertained and busy throughout the entire length of this scarf, which is really quite the feat. the lace pattern is known by several names, my favorite being 'shooting stars.'

we had a mini photoshoot during our weekend beach vacation
i also got to use the blocking supplies i got for my birthday from my amazing parents!

what else can i say? i'm in love! i mentioned this scarf a few weeks back, and met my goal of finishing it before class started again!

another brilliant, free, doctor who-inspired scarf pattern is bigger on the inside by kate atherley. i ordered some yarn from nerd girl yarns as a birthday present to myself, exactly for this scarf!

i learned a new lace design, and how to cable without a cable needle! how awesome is that? my only problem is that i don't know how to wear it... it's not wide long enough to tie like a triangle scarf, but that might be because i forgot to look at what size i should have blocked it out to, so it's a few inches off in each dimension.  i'm thinking i'll try to block it out more aggressively.

i love nerd girl yarns, so many fandoms and absolutely lovely colorways to choose from! this colorway is 'sexy,' on the shimma base. and the colors are so true to the site, i'd happily order more!

this has been the month of awesome free fandom patterns. i've already made a pair of erica leuder's hermione's everyday socks, but when i saw the colors that knitterjenny had chosen, out of one of my favorite yarns, i couldn't resist! i actually started these socks months ago, trying to do the entire heel and gusset in the white, leaving me with about 40,000 ends to weave in. huge mistake. after realizing that i would never, ever weave those in, i finally took them out and redid them!

one day in the library while i was knitting and studying, a girl passed me a note that read 'those are kind of fantastic.' it totally made my day! so now here they are, my 'huge mistake, kinda fantastic hermione socks.'

august got 460 yards from the ella rae scarf, ~480 yards from the TARDIS scarf, ~380 yards for the socks , and 190 yards from two more skeins to the rocky coast cardigan, for a total of .85 miles for august!


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    1. aww thank you! i feel like a huge nerd, but it's just too much fun!