Monday, January 2, 2012

wtf 2011?

where the hell did 2011 go?!
i did have to put a lot of stuff aside in order to focus on myself and school this semester. i wanted to blog, i even thought up a number of posts. but, i really had to set some things aside.

one of the things that didn't get set aside was knitting!

malfoy socks, maeby's bear, amriki vest, tbl, poofy purple beret, celtic scarf, rita's cloche, dinosaur slouch hat, desert summer shawl, riding hood scarf, firefly triangle scarf, thigh high legwarmers (finally sewed those ends in!), rita's shiny triangle, paul/squid/octopus/greyjoy beret, flying sparks socks, oo la la moulin rouge mitts, faux-isle mitts, liesl, midsummer sample scarf, noro moster, accidental waldo sweater, sun-soaked cami, adventerous slouchy hat, bee's delight honey cowl, unicorn of the sea hat, dahlia cardigan, rita's tangerine gaptastic cowl, penny's santa hat, xmas stocking, mum's turkish bed socks, chris' bicycle hat, mum's haleakala mitts, & tbl #2. still on the needles: aestlight & hermione's every day socks.

not pictured: a 2nd midsummer scarf, redux of unexpected hat, another beret, & another turn-a-square, as well as some secret squirrel items ;)

using ravelry, and taking a conservative measurement, i knit 9.5 miles this year!

for 2012, i'd like to knit a mile a month. should the budget permit, of course.

happy new year, blogland.

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