Wednesday, January 11, 2012

better photos, as promised

it has recently been revealed that my honey is quite the photographer! so when i told him i needed good pictures of my knit gear, he happily grabbed my camera, gave me direction, and gave me these beauties! i've been promising better pictures for a long time now, here's the first wave!

my tbl pattern (coming soon!)

my dahlia cardigan (finally finished/blocked/looking great!) (dahlia cardigan by heather zoppetti)
i realized that i'd probably never find more yarn of the same dye-lot, that i'd want to buy it, or that i'd want to do all those big cables again. so! took out my bound off and cast on edges, 3-needle BO them together, and added buttons! no longer will this languish in my craft closet!

and while none of these projects count for 2012, i did just finish a secret-squirrel project, using about 254 yards! 936 yards left for january!

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