Thursday, January 5, 2012

Euros Aestlight Scarf

thanks to my honey for the photos
aka 1st FO of 2012!! get some!

*deep breath* i'm ok, just excitable. My Euros (pattern: Aestlight Shawl) is an ingenious design by Gudrun Johnston who has a lot of other fantastic patterns I'd love to try. poor little euros was started in mid-november, but got put on the back burner for christmas knitting (i actually used a little of the 2nd skein to make my mum's turkish bed socks). i used colinette jitterbug in color #48/Florentina, and it is divine! so squishy and absolutely gorgeous colors!

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so, assuming that i used a skein and a half, i have 1,190 yards left to knit this month.

Euros is the East Wind in Greek Mythology


  1. yay first finished project! looks great! love those yummy colors! how do you store your scarves?

  2. some i hang over the pole in the craft closet, some go around hangers with the coat i most wear them with, and some get folded up and put in the cedar cubes with my hats. i have a lot of scarves... ;)
    thanks g-zoom! now it just needs to be cold enough to wear them!