Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: a year of knitting

i was looking through my ravelry projects, and i realized that, since starting this blog and starting work at Hand Held, my knitting has increased exponentially since mum first taught me how.

so here's a mash-up of this past year (in order of when ravelry says i started the project):

preemie hats, fair-isle hat for chris, 1st fingerless gloves, wide rib hoodie, welted fingerless gloves, ribbed lace bolero for the shop, giraffe for izzy, hoodwink for gayle, turkish bed socks (and pairs for aunt nancy, jacob, and chris' mom), mermaid scarf for anna, linen stitch scarf for mum, autumn phoenix fair isle hat, 1st toe-up socks, luna's moonlight socks, turn a square hat for chris, green lantern socks for hunter, reversible biking hat for dad, jayen hat, r2d2 hat, hermione's cable and eyelet fingerless gloves

i'm not sure if this is everything, or if i've forgotten something, but it all looks pretty good to me!

crafty highlights of 2010:
~starting work at Hand Held in may!
~making my first sweater!
~making a giraffe for izzy
~learning how to do socks, and in two different ways (in a week or so i hope to figure out a third!)!
~entering the sublime stitching embroidery contest
~designing my own fair-isle pattern
~cultivated the ability to knit and read at the same time

2011 crafting goals:
~take better pictures with my new nikon coolpix L110 (it's my baby!)
~take pictures of things on people, not just take awkward pictures of myself trying to model and photograph at the same time
~embroider more
~work my way through the Joy of Sox by Linda Kopp

happy 2011, blogland, and happy crafting!
<3 K-stitch

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  1. Woooooo! I congratulate you! And I'm especially proud of your sock badassery!