Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow, teddy bears, and lovely things

it snowed while chris and i were in conway a few weeks ago, and we couldn't resist! chris is wearing the turn-a-square hat, and the snowman is rocking a sweet leaf-tie! and then it snowed again last week here in fayetteville. but that day we just stayed in and drank cocoa and played video games.i made some simple socks for anna using opal's harry potter yarn in the malfoy colorway:
and here's a little bear for Baby Maybe Marriott, who seems due any day now! the pattern is Susan B. Anderson's (i adore her patterns!), and regia silk sock yarn. it ended up taking just a little over one skein, definitely not what the pattern calls for, so i'm not entirely sure what's up with that...but i love how he turned out!i've decided that, with all the fluff that i have left over from Izzy's giraffe and Maybe's bear, i want to keep making stuffed animals until i run out of fluff!

anyone out there on the internet care to teach me to crochet?
or how to sew something so cute as this:credit: talkproof @ etsy

or someone who's just dying to buy me one ;)

and i think i might pick up this months' copy of Stuffed Magazine, as talkproof is featured on the cover!
cheers, blogland!
<3 Kstitch

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  1. Love those socks! Way to go with the matchy matchiness.