Friday, December 31, 2010

have your self a merry, knitted xmas!

dear blogland, i've been so remiss in updating you. so now i have a post for you, sharing 90% of what i knit for people this christmas (the other 10% is a half-done pair of socks, and a pair of turkish bedsocks i don't have pics of)

from left to right, starting at the top:
1) green lantern socks for hunter! men's size 10.5, koigu prettiness, symbol purled into the ankle, two-at-once, toe-up

2) 'reversible biking hat' for dad, used bigger yarn (Qina) and bigger needles (size 6) and upped the stitch recount and pattern repeat. i like this 'wrong side' best

3) hoodwink! for gayle; amy butler belle organic dk, thanks for the fun seed stitch pattern amy butler!

4) 'jayne' hat in spud & chloe sweater, moss stitch around the brim, watched the episode and looked at what everyone else was doing, used jared flood turn a square formula, and i learned i hate pompoms

5) linen stitch scarf for mum, 450 stitches for five inches (never going to make this scarf ever again, just this once for the woman who taught me to do all of this stuff), but lovely, lovely koigu

6) r2d2 hat, enlarged and expanded the pattern for worsted weight and adult head, more spud & chloe

i've got a some pictures of recipients wearing the accessories i knit, but i'm going to leave a mosaic of that until they all get in. i also just bought myself a better camera, so better macro shots will be up before too long!

for more pictures and details, check out my ravelry (my user name is KKPwnall).
tell me what you think!

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