Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Wreath

Last fall/winter flew by and I saw a lot of craft inspiration on the internet but didn't carve out the time to make anything! I am determined to not let that happen this year! I have been decorating for Halloween & Autumn and saw this wreath decoration on a blog called Secondhand Suaviloquy. I love her whole mantle set up, but don't have a mantle but I am trying to make my apartment seem as homey as possible!

I have an old book I bought at a garage sale for the cover design so I decided that ripping out a few pages for this project would be acceptable, even though I love books so much the thought of ripping out pages makes me feel bad! I took pictures throughout my process so I could show you all a tutorial on how to make your own book page wreath!

1. Take a deep breath and rip out a bunch of pages from a book!
2. Rolling the pages is a big difficult to describe in words, but I used two layers of pages. The bottom layer keeps the page right side up and the roll is a bit loose. I used tape to secure the rolled page. For the top layer, I turned the page on it's side and rolled it slightly diagonally until I got the shape I liked, again securing it with tape.

3. I laid out the rolled paper and saw my wreath take its shape. As you can see from the pictures, I flattened one side of the rolled pages, stacking them on each other, and used a stapler to secure the rolled paper together. I did that for both layers. I felt the top layer was a bit too long when I was laying it out, so I trimmed the ends before I stapled them all together. This created a more significant difference between the layers.

4. I needed a centerpiece to hid the ugly staples so I went to my scrap stash and dug out what Halloween paper I had. Most of what I had, had words on it and wasn't really the "look" I was going for. I found a maroon "autumn" paper and the orange does have halloween words on it but they are really small and monochromatic so you can barely tell that it's halloween paper. I used my circle punches to cut out the shapes and then crumpled up all the paper. When I flattened the paper back out it gave it a more distressed look to go with the old book pages. I secured the layers with a Making Memories brad and added the fabric ribbon flowers as an extra touch.

5. Now to put all the layers together. Unfortunately, my brad was not long enough to go through all the layers, so I got out my handy craft glue and glued the two book page layers together. I set the closest thing (apple) on top as a weight while it dried.

6. Once it dried, I glued on the flower and voila! I had a handmade wreath! To create a way to hang it, I cut a couple lengths of curling ribbon and stapled them together and taped them to the back of the wreath. I hung my wreath off a floor lamp in my living room where I can see it and I am so pleased with how it turned out!

What do you think? Link me up if you make one too!

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