Tuesday, September 7, 2010

end of summer wrap-up

now that summer has (almost) officially past, it seems like it's time for me to do a wrap-up of my summer goals as well.

1. finish the sweater *CHECK*
2. finish fingerless gloves.... gonna call this one a check too.
i may have given up on those specific gloves, but i did make two different pairs, and broke into socks. personally, i think that counts for a lot more than one measley pair of fingerless gloves that drove me crazy...3. sew clasps on duvet cover ~fail~
oh well, i just wasn't into domestic sewing this season. maybe when there's a pressing need for the comforter to stay inside the duvet cover...

4. learn bach's prelude to cello suite #1 ~meh...~
this one didn't work out too well either. the change in climate didn't do my cello any good (in fact, i broke a string the first time i tried to tune it up here), and honestly, i have to be really in the mood to make music...

5. pinhole camera ~nope~
also, not accomplished. with the repairs i've been having to do around my apartment, i just haven't felt like taking apart this beautiful old camera. maybe when it gets colder outside...

6. doodle-a-day *kinda...~
off and on, this project didn't really take off the way i had planned. i've drawn a lot more than i have before this summer started, but it's been a lot of sketches of things to embroider or just class-notes doodles.

7. learn/get better at embroidery *WOOT*this one, i'm really proud of. i have been so continuously inspired this summer to pick up a needle and thread and create. i never imagined i'd get so sucked into it, but now i've completed three pieces and have a few more in the works. i think one of the biggest things for this goal to me was getting up the courage and gumption to enter the Sublime Stitching Combo Contest. i am really proud of my piece, and i think it looks fabulous. i can't wait to fill up the rest of my wall with more embroidery!what a fun, busy, crazy, crafty summer... here's to fall being equally as productive in class and craft!

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