Friday, July 6, 2012

april/may/june's mile

i made Cassy Dominick's Tuxedo socks from spud and chloe fine, a wonderful wool/silk blend that's delightfully springy! cassy's pattern is really great, with a stitch pattern that's easy to memorize after a few repeats. love love love the texture! (400 yds)

i also made up Stephen West's Dustland hat from st denis nordique. i added a few extra repeats to make it slouchy. i love this wool, it'd make a lovely sweater! (225 yds)

i used Vernoica O'neil's bourough pattern to make a set of convertible fingerless gloves for my fabulous study abroad roommate, nina. all the pics i took of them turned out blurry, hopefully she'll send me a good pic! (200 yds)

and finally, i finished Veera Välimäki's Celery Cardigan in manos lace. this gorgeous yarn was a gift from my family last christmas, and i love this color! (1095 yds)

so, out of 3 miles, i did 1.09! woo... in the mean time, i did have finals, graduation, and studying abroad in florence! i think that's a pretty good excuse ;) i'll just have to make it up with all the fancy new yarn i got from italy!

i apologize for the lack of action shots, my honey/photographer is abroad for another 3 weeks :)


  1. Keep on knitting up those miles! I think it's cool that you're keeping track. I meant to earlier this year. Maybe I'll add it up at the end or something. I'm flattered that my pattern was a 1/4 mile project for you.

  2. i'm having a lot of fun keeping track of it! adding it up at the end of last year was such an awesome surprise, i highly recommend it! and i truly loved your pattern, socks are great fun, and eat up a lot of mileage. ;)