Thursday, February 9, 2012

sweater redux

does anyone remember this sweater?
this is the only extant image of it.

well, i wore it for the second time a couple of weeks ago, and i realized something. i hate this sweater. i don't like pullovers, i look like i'm trying to be waldo, the 3/4 sleeves were never right, and i'm never going to wear this sweater again.

so i debated about giving it to one of my friends, but no one is really my size. i debated selling it, but that's a hassel. so i went to my ravelry favorites, and found this little beauty. just sitting there, quiet as can be: a lovely little cardigan, with full length sleeves (to push up, as i usually do). and, it only took 2 more skeins of each than i had used on the first sweater. which my darling LYS just happened to have!

with the help of my friend, Alyssa, i unraveled that norwegian summer sweater. now it looks something like this:

the point of this post is: be sure what you're knitting is something that you'll actually use. i know that seems like quite *derp* advice, but i didn't really think about that when i knit up that pullover. i liked the stripes, but now i can't honestly say what else attracted me to it. don't spend all of that money, and time, and effort in general on something you're not sure you'll like the second time you wear it. point 2 of this post: don't be afraid to tear out! use that yarn, don't let it languish there.

final point: i'm recycling. take that, budget constraints!


  1. good crafty lessons! kudos to you for not being afraid of recycling it! much better than it laying around unworn and unloved :)

  2. thanks! i kinda had to make myself wear it that last day, to be sure that i didn't like it anymore, but i'm glad that i did now. i try to be fearless with the things i tackle in knitting, and i think that means not being afraid of completely taking apart a sweater that i worked on for weeks to make it into something usable. :) you should post on here more!

  3. You're crazy girl! But I agree, sometimes you just have to let things go. Sadly, my pink mohair sweater (I don't know if you ever saw it, and it's totally okay if you didn't!) can't be worked on anymore so off to the donation center it goes!

    Excited to see it become something new. :)

  4. no, i don't think i ever saw your pink mohair! why can't it be worked on anymore? can you pull it out and make it something else?

  5. You're brave for unraveling it! I probably would have just given it away and started over.

  6. haha, it had to be done! i'm on a really tight budget (even more so now than when i posted this), and it just became kind of a reality check moment. i feel like it was a real growing moment in my knitting career, because i now understand better what i really do like and will actually wear.