Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Other Half

Hey blogland, Gayle here! I am the other half that makes up the creative team of Stitch and Zoom. I consider myself Zoom, if you will. My sister is more of a Stitch. She didn't really tell you the full of extent of how much of a knitter she has become in the last year, and the amazing talent she has at it! So therefore, she is Stitch and I am Zoom, and sometimes we switch places depending on where our crafty endeavors take us!

I live in Charlotte, NC. Which is much too far from where my sister lives. We are 4 years apart, so while she is still living the college dream, I have a "real world" job. My job is great and I love what I do (I am a paralegal) but my creative side is not something that flourishes at work. While I play with paper all day, it is not the paper that I prefer. My creative outlet comes on the weekends when I have the proper time to devote to "scrapbooking". That's my thing; paper, adhesive, pictures, and words. More of than not, I'm going to make a mini book. I am still working on becoming comfortable with my own layouts.

I have a penchant for handmade crafts. I like to have something to do with my hands. I rarely sit still and relax. but that's another issue in of itself. I am on the hunt for a typewriter, a vintage one, preferably a blue smith and corona. I bid on a few on ebay, and now found one on craigslist, just waiting to hear back from the seller! I am also going to be learning to machine quilt this summer. Karen wants a quilt for winter and I've been dying to make one! I always have a million projects going on. I started to type more about what I like to do, but it was beginning to sound too much like a personal ad. So this is me; I work, I craft, I sleep. and do a lot of other fun things in between.

In the next few posts we will explain why we've created this blog and what our craft goals are for the summer! We hope you enjoy :)

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